what a boring sunday

i  spent exactly 7 hours with my new friends today
but i didn't think that interesting at all
we went to my old friend house for karaoke there
but, i'm new in the group
as u could say that i didn't blend at all
6 hours singing and 1 hour for watching several movies without start and ending
i don't know what the heck i'm sitting there for like a stupid

what hurt my feeling is that while they're singing,
they didn't even think of another person
2 mics, 4 people, 1 TV
those 2 just sing as they want
they didn't even ask me what do i want to sing, or asking me, what song i know 

i know i'm being bitchy
but just, isn't there friends which have the same interest as me
i know i'm being unhealthy
but this is the only place deep down that i could write in 
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reunion with Nobi??

 ah, nothing much to talk about.

Nobi face (at least) didn't change at all


she's still looks like how she is when we're in Elementary

nah, but her tongue becoming  more and more poisonous 

i didn't get the change to talk much with her.

in fact, i don't know what to talk. she mention so many our elementary school friends but i think i forgot about them all

blame my useless brain for this. wkwkwk

sadly, i didn't get to know her more and to know her well

like old days.

but i still feel glad that i got to met her ^^
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oh, i missed pau2~~~

hahaha.... i can't believe it, since all i do now is to focus myself on my final paper and toying with L

but Ayen, this gurl, she just get her big mouth and tell it to her friends
but i glad she talked to her friends. wkwkwk...

i can't believe that she talked about this evil plan with Paulina, my long lost friend, we know each other since elementary school.
i used to called her Paulin, but seems like i should stop and stick to Pau2 instead. wkwkwk

this gotta be one hella long post. xixixi....

at Saturday night, we went out together at about 6.30 PM 
Ayen planned out our reunion. wkwkwk... she just get this crazy idea,
at first we thought about going to the beach, but 1 of our friend can't make it.

OK, after eating KCKT, me, Ayen and Pau2
(oh God, the KCKT's portion is too big! i can't finish it!)
they talked about go to mall and buy the same shirt for us to wear on Sunday.
of course, since i'm too happy, i just said yes for everything they said. 
i think i went berserk. wkwkwkwkwk... 
so we went to mall and buy the shirt, (not considering my wallet condition)

next, since Vina have her own business with her BF, we gotta wait for her until 9.30 PM huhuhuhu....
we just went on a ride and circling the road around town. wkwkwk
nah, after tnat we went to Pau2 house! we slept over there, me, Ayen, and Vina
after we went berserk by doing pedicure and medicure, all we got left is, sleep.
wkwkwk... our body can't take it

at Sunday, after a little camwhoring and doing make up, i also got my hair curled. hehehe...
we went to pick Jusi up, a new freind of mine
she's Ayen's high school friend. 
she's a good person, she sings good and she like to laugh, a lil crazy too. 
but i' m happy by having a crazy friends. wkwkwk

then we went to mall again! wkwkwk... 
first, to take a photo at the DePhoto Studio, i still didn't see the result, 
hope my face is not that bad and my stomach not that round!!! huhuhu...

after that we went to Solarie to eat! (u just say that u're already fat! but u still eat! a lot! grrrr)
after having our mael, we went to Karaoke!!
yay!! go straight to NAV!

but since Jusi can't go hunt with us, we go and send her home, u know, her BF... huhuhu....
the we went to El Shadday, to get a baked corn! aw~~~

then at around 5PM, we went to Pau2's house, still, a camwhoring 
i never take so much pic in a day in my life! wwkwkwk
i'm not a camera gurl, got it?
but it's not bad la, in a while... wkwkkwk

today is a really happy day, i laugh a lot!
with my old friends and new friends. wkwkwk

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 nah, yesterday for my paper i go back to my college. 
i went with fang2, she's great. 
i feel so much better after i talked to her
i talked to her about my problem with my ex-friends, yup i know, this time the journal entry gonna be *dark* too.
but then i talked it out with fang about my old problem with my workmate. 
about the L's case. 
she RFOLed and said that she didn't believe,
but all i told her is truth. 
i ain't lying again
i know when i lied, i can't stop but to cover it with another lies too.
i feel so happy after sharing with her, i'm glad that in these mess, i still got a friend to talked to 
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fang cute?

hahaha... maybe i must write more positive thing in this LJ
to help me become healthier, wkwkwk...

i just meet afang, my friend since 1st grade of middle school
maybe she's the only one i should think of being long lost friend
i don't know why but i think of so many friends....
my time with them, just passing by the places where i meet them, i feel sad

please tell me God, what should i do now,

but this doesn't affect the feeling i get just by seeing afang
she's cute and great person
i hope she'll be the one who understand me most.
i'm happy just because this little things.

dear afang, i'm happy for u being my friend.
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1st happy thing happened

OK, i know i've written so many bad things in this Journal, i even feel ashamed by it. wkwkwk....
this just like the way for me to throw all my anger, sadness, and guilty.
yes, i know it, it's bad for my health.
a healthy person shouldn't complain again and again.

but, somehow...
i feel a bit happy for these days, though the guilty still there and the emptiness of having no friends dear enough for me,
but i'll never look back and feel sorry for letting them go.
no, my tears are starting to flow every time i think about them.
no good. though i've decided to make this the 1st post with happy feels inside.

nah, lately i'm fascinated and idolizing a cosplay group called Endiru.
and i really love Orochi's and Pinku cosplay. they looks so bright for me to reach. haha...
(me, the one who've fallen to darkness of my heart)
but after i make a devianart account,  and posting my comment on Pinku's account,
i'm feel really happy that she respond to my comment and we even talked,
well, not talked illiterately, but we keep on replying every comment. 
i fell so happy. since i got to talked to her
and got to say out loud my admire and like of Orochi's cosplay.
it feels like all my comment is filled with my compliment for them, when i read it again, i feel embarassed myself.
i'd love to become friends with them.
well, no inner mission, wkwkwk...
i should open my eyes clear so that i could see her as "she", not "he"
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Journey ~Red Eye Man~

When he stands beside me, I feel like I lost all of my strength.
I fall down right away. Unconsciously and embarrassingly.
Then, he who looks like a prince from a fairy tail looks gently to me and smile.

“Are you alright?” and giving his hand to me, offering help with his deep and low voice.
“Ah… ye-yes.” I took his hand & become the center of attraction. “Thank you so much”
With a light smile, he than say
“You are welcome. Be careful next time.” Then just like the breeze, he walks through me as if nothing happens.

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Journey ~The beginning~

This is Flow Academy, which building is more like a 16th century of European castle than a school. Which considered as the best school in the town. 


Under the calm sky
Students of dormitory are walking lightly to start their usual day of school
Wearing the white colored uniform, gently they could feel the breeze. 
The sun, the trees, and the chatter of students welcome the day.
Though… there are differences on the student’s uniform.

White layered blue & white layered red.
The differences are not that big. No one has ever thought deeply serious about the differences. They all think that’s as normal case.

White layered blue uniform presents students from regular classes. They’re all normal children from normal family
White layered red uniform presents students from S-class. Special Class.
All the students of S-class are good looking, gorgeous, and very wealth. Either they’re the heir of a company or child from politicians, designers, artist, athletes, and many other. 

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i've watch this movie once,
saying that "if u have killed people once, than, u'll kill once more"

now, if i change the phrase,
"if u have lied once, u'll lie once more"
i think this is what happens to me right now.
i really should end this all lies,
i think my journey to search for friends should begin
no one could do it unless myself.

but the temptation from I to continue the lies is very strong.
i like her just like how i ilke friends, but
should i do like how she want me to?
should i go with these temptation?
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been such a long time that i've wrote down all the bad and heart-hurting things in LJ,
now, i think i'm in a  big mess again

last time is the things about my old-fake-friends, though i'm the only one waver at last.
what should i do?
i've promised to myself that i'll never look back, but why sometimes i still think or remember about them?
can't a human just live without friends?

now, after i thought that i've made another good friends, she back betraying us again.
i'll wrote the initial, not her name, make me feel disgusted.
me, I and L are good friends at work, but our relationship broke down becoz L lie to us
why? why she lied? does she only want to make a sensation?
i though the most important rule when u make friends is do not ever lie to ur friends.
coz  u'll lost their trust. now, why she ever do that?

she said that she got a boyfriend, she's in good term with him, blah blah blah....
until the term that she's going to married!!!!


in reality, she's not!

he (M) => the boyfriend is an illusion, her only imagination!
she lied to us! she told us how her marriage is not approved by M's boss,
we even told her a solution, keep thinking out for a thing for her to work on her problem

but, still, like how a paper can't wrap a fire, the lies told was unfold

and the most nerve wrecking things is that at our company, all of our friends know that this is all lies!
only me and I that being stupid and caring for her.
all of the employees, even our boss are standing at her side and lied to us

we feel that we're such a fool. stupid, idiot, for caring for her.
our heart hurts. how come u treat us like this?

and, after this, we went on a plan for L and lie to her
but, does God don't want us to get our revenge back?
even though she's now believed at our lies,
but she get the clue to unfold our lies!

i know it's not good to lie at someone. but...
does it really matter that she was the one who started it first?
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